JUNE 18-27, 2011, VASTO, Abruzzo Region, Italy

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Several European NGOs are engaged in a long term project called ORA (OBSERVE, RETHINK, ACT) that want to promote and aware European citizens on Sustainable Development issues through the use of different tools (education and environmental actions, art and music, video production and web, Eco center and Nature Reserve, etc.) and the organization of international meetings among activists, volunteers and youth workers.

The main theme of the project “BITTA GENERATION” is to use the graphic art as tools to promote positive values in the framework of sustainable development, to encourage intercultural dialogue, inclusion and active participation of young people in the European social life. We believe that is possible to connect innovative arts and environmental subjects because in the world of imagination and creativity you can up side down the reality. At the same time, the graphic art is one of the most popular way for young people to express themselves and their ideas: comics, video animations, fanzines, stickers are more and more the tools with which young people are interacting with their societies, their contexts, their peer.

As far as the realisation of the project is concerned, all the guidelines and activities planned have been thought to guarantee the full involvement and the free expression of participants as an ongoing process (peer education, sharing by experiences and good practices, learning by doing and through interaction) in which all the partners and participants will have a role as much participative as possible using methods of non-formal education and with the majority of sessions based on participative and active learning. The project expect the realisation of 3 workshops (Video Animation, Comics, Communication), the realisation of an exhibition in Vasto (Italy, 25th June) and the possibility to print and publish a fanzine (Bitta Generation) in hundreds copies where to collect all the outcomes of the project.

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