JUNE 18-27, 2011, VASTO, Abruzzo Region, Italy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello dear participants to the youth exchange BITTA GENERATION, we hope to find all of you well and ready to be involved in this adventure in Italy. We are looking forward to meet of all you and work together for a successful development of the project.

We are writing to all of you in order to give to you some information, reminder and updating about the project.

All of you will be hosted in 2 beds rooms in bungalows in the camping Grotta del Saraceno (http://www.grottadelsaraceno.it/) where we will realise most of our activities. You need to bring towels and whatever you need for your personal hygiene. Sheets and blankets will be provided by the camping. Because we will be on the sea sight, we strongly recommend to bring swimsuit, beach towel and solar cream.

On the 19th afternoon we will have a special working session devoted to the knwoledge of our NGO's. Each national group will prepare a sort of stand with informations regarding the association in order to have a special "fair" (or suk or bazaar or ...) to know all of NGO's backgrounds. No official presentations will take place in order to don't have a boring session but each stand should be as much attractive and visual as possible. So we invite all of you to bring photos, brochures, posters, gadgets and whatever is nice and interesting to share with the others about your NGO.

The evening of the same day we will have also the intercultural evening: each national group will have to bring some cold food and drinks from your countries in order to manage an evening with testes and flavours from all the countries involved. NO POSSIBILITIES TO COOK, sorry!

In the evenings of 20th and 22nd June we will have two Open Space sessions: they will be a free place for participants to perform, expose and share their artistic backgrounds and environmental experiences. So all of you are invited to bring your own art works and different materials (from video to flyers) concerning important issues on Sustainable Development in your local context or worldwide.

Internet. In some parts of the camping it will be available a wireless connection for free. Suddenly those areas are not exactly where we will be. Anyway, during the free time you will be able to be connected (of course, for those who will bring lap tops).

Thanks to the Romanian partner, and especially to Anamaria, the project has this devoted blog where you can find first information. Furthermore, it will be nice if you will use this blog as a first knowledge and sharing opinion on the project. Some links are already available both on the topics of the project and on the personal websites of those of you who communicated to us. So, please, go there, enjoy and contribute.

Giorgio, Mario, Lino

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