JUNE 18-27, 2011, VASTO, Abruzzo Region, Italy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

ANIMATION WORKSHOP - basic information/plan

1. It is important that the animation pieces will give a clear message on the topic of sustainable development. Guidelines could be environmental protection, sustainable behaviors,
fight against pollution, alternative energies (after Fukushima), in Vasto there is the strong topic of the oil drilling and the creation and promotion of the National Park of the coastal area.
We ask all the participants to take a little time to think about this topics and to try to come up with an idea for short animation that is based on this topics before arrival to Vasto.
If everyone comes with the complete vision-idea for their animation it will save us some time and we can begin to work right away when in Vasto, also, this way we can prepare better,
this way each participant can know what to bring to the workshop in terms of preferred personal tools, materials, animation props etc.

2. Each participant can create animation piece by her/himself or participants can create groups of two, three, four... it is up to you.

3. Duration of your animation piece is up to you. Just make sure that, when creating the idea for your animation piece, that it is something that is possible to complete in 4 days that we
have for workshop.

4. Technique is up to you, we are going to mainly focus on stop-motion technique but any other technique is welcome. If any of you plan to do classical drawn animation, make sure to bring
your own animation pegs and lots of paper with holes for pegs. Sonia will bring a light table so one light table will be available. Equipment for stop motion (photo camera, tripod, lights) will
be available. Bring any of your equipment that you think you are going to need (laptop, photo camera...). For any specific needs, technical support or creative support, write to us and
we will do our best to help.

5. Music - sound for your animation: sound recording equipment will be available at the workshop, so if anyone needs some sounds recorded on the spot, no problem. Vuk will bring his clarinet and
melodica, so it will be possible to record music for your animation with Vuk. Also feel free to bring your own prepared music, sound clips, any music or sound files you think you might going to need
when editing and putting together your animation piece. We will be there to help you in editing both creatively and technically if needed.

6. So... on the first day we will begin with finalizing our ideas-stories for the animation piece, then we will draw quick storyboards and begin animating! When all of the animation pieces are finished, we
will put them all together in one omnibus.The final outcome will be screened in final event/exhibition opening, and distributed on the internet through Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Made by Toma Pan

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